As far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family | A photographic exhibition by Alistair Fuller

In seinen neuen Fotos beschäftigt sich Alistair Fuller im Rahmen der noch bis Ende Jänner laufenden Ausstellung "Symbolismus - Surrealismus" mit den surrealen Aspekten Wiens.

VENUE: Gallery Hochdruck: Neudeggergasse 8, 1080 Wien
TIMES: 4.12.2014 - 17.01.2015 Di - Fr 12-19 Uhr, Sa 11-17 Uhr

eyes on | Zug fährt ab | A photographic exhibition by Alistair Fuller

'Visual poems of the everyday; The extended living room of the U-Bahn'

The diversity, chaos and mayhem of people, animals and objects commuting are the inspiration for Alistair to observe, compose then shoot. He proposes the reality of these objet trouvés into his black and white images that reveal both Surreal and surreal hyper-micro-narratives. Capturing the incongruous juxtapositions that exist on the subway ferrying them from one place to another. Alistair has photographed the Underground in London, New York and now the subject of this exhibition, the U-Bahn in Vienna.

VENUE: Gallery Juettner: Millergasse 25, 1060 Wien
TIMES: 2nd -14th November 11am until 7pm plus events
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JUNE, 2007
Alistair launches new website.

Alistair is currently freelancing for Society Magazine in Vienna and pursuing his personal work, aiming for an exhibition later in the year.